Errata Sheet for Electronic ASV Texts

NOTE: The following errata list for various ASV texts online was prepared by John Larocque in 2010. It is reproduced here with his permission. —M.D.M.

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In general there are two families of online texts, with that of Ebible/BibleGateway predominating.



A third site was originally based on Ebible, but was heavily corrected against a printed copy of the ASV:

Most online versions match the ASV text hosted at, which was first added to the BibleGateway search engine in early 2003. The ASV is the base text for the World English Bible (WEB), which its early days was known as the American Standard Version 1997. Both versions (WEB and ASV) are still hosted at their website. Ebible is also the source text at the CCEL site.

The scan of the ASV at lookhigher is independent of Ebible and claims to be based on the 1901 Schaff edition of the ASV. While there are errors at both sites, the bulk of them are at Ebible. Not all of Ebibles variances are simple scan errors - Ebible also updated punctuation, capitalization and spelling in a few places. There were a few other deliberate changes as well. References to 'the Jews' were converted to 'Jews' in a few verses of Acts.

[ For the purposes of this document, Schaff refers to scan at the lookhigher website, not the original publication. ]

I. Differences in the version hosted at

Mat 9:15: Schaff, Ebible read 'bridechamber' for 'bride-chamber' (ERV) (yet all three retain dash in Luke 5:34)

Mat 10:27: Schaff, Ebible read 'house-tops' for 'housetops' (ERV) (yet all other instances drop dash)

Mark 2:19: Schaff, Ebible read 'bridechamber' for 'bride-chamber' (ERV) (yet all three retain dash in Luke 5:34)

Mark 3:18: Schaff reads 'James, the [son]' for 'James the [son]', and 'Thaddeus' for 'Thaddeus,'

Mark 9:35: Schaff reads 'said' for 'saith'

Mark 11:15: Schaff reads 'moneychangers' for 'money-changers'

John 12:19: Schaff reads 'nothing;' for 'nothing:'

John 12:50: Schaff reads 'eternal;' for 'eternal:'

John 15:18: Schaff reads 'world hated' for 'world hateth'

Acts 1:3: Schaff reads 'to whom' for 'To whom'

Acts 1:5: Schaff reads 'for John' for 'For John'

Acts 1:10: Schaff reads 'behold two men' for 'behold, two men'

Acts 5:12: Schaff reads 'the people:' for 'the people;'

Acts 28:6: Schaff reads 'come' for 'came'

Rom 1:7 Schaff reads 'to all' for 'To all'

Rom 2:12 Schaff reads 'the law' for 'law'

Rom 2:13 Schaff ends verse with a semicolon, not a colon

Rom 11:20 Schaff reads 'high-minded' for 'highminded'

1 Cor 1:8 Schaff reads 'unprovable' for 'unproveable'

1 Cor 15:1 Schaff reads 'you, brethren' for 'you brethren'

1 Cor 15:30 Schaff reads 'why' or 'Why'

1 Cor 15:58 Schaff reads 'unmovable' for 'unmoveable'

1 Cor 16:22 Schaff reads 'Marana tha' for "Maranatha'

2 Cor 5:1 Schaff reads 'eternal' for 'eternal,'

2 Cor 8:20 SchaFf reads 'avoiding' to 'Avoiding'

Eph 5:8 Schaff reads 'for' for 'For'

Eph 6:6 Schaff reads 'menpleasers' for 'men-pleasers'

Eph 6:19 Schaff reads 'and' for 'And'

Col 1:2 Schaff reads 'to the saints' for 'To the saints'

Col 1:22 Schaff reades 'unreprovable' for 'unreproveable'

1 Th 2:10 Schaff reads 'unblamably' for 'unblameably'

1 Th 3:13 Schaff reads 'unblamable' for 'unblameable'

2 Th 2:10 Schaff reads 'coming:' for 'coming;'

Heb 4:15 Schaff reads '[we are], [yet]' for '[we are, yet]

Heb 11:6 Schaff reads 'and without' for 'And without'

James 3:12 Schaff reads 'can a fig tree' for 'Can a fig tree'

James 4:14 Schaff reads 'vapor that' for 'vapor, that'

2 Pet 2:13 Schaff reads 'daytime' for 'day-time'

Jude 1:13 Schaff reads 'wild' for 'Wild'

Rev 12:8 Schaff reads 'and' for 'And'

Rev 13:3 Schaff reads 'deathstroke' for 'death-stroke'

II. Errors in the version hosted at Ebible


6:9 There should be a colon, not a period, before 'Our Father'

6:26 'then' should be 'than'

8:17 Ebible (following NASB95) replaces the comma with a colon in 'saying, Himself'

8:18 'commandments' should be 'commandment'

9:6 'go up unto' should be 'go unto'

10:17 'theirs' should be 'their'

10:41 'reward:' should be 'reward;'

11:22 Ebible (following RSV and NASB95) removes the comma in 'day of judgment, than thee', yet retains it two verses later in Mat 11:24 and in Luke 10:14

11:8 'king's' should be 'kings''

12:30 Ebible (following RSV) replaces the semicolon with a comma in 'against me;', yet retains the semicolon in the parellel passagse in Luke 11:23

12:39 'given it' should be 'given to it'

14:9 'that sat' should be 'which sat'

14:27 There should be a comma before 'Be of good cheer'

14:28 'come to the' should be 'come to thee'

14:35 Ebible replaces the semicolon with a comma at the end of the verse

15:5 'whoever' should be 'Whoever'

15:13 'lame' should be 'the lame'

15:30 'this feet' should be 'his feet'

16:17 'Bar-jonah' should be 'Bar-Jonah'

17:14 'saying' should be 'and saying'

17:15 'off-times' should be 'oft-times' (second instance in error)

18:6 'But' should be 'but'

19:19 'mother' should be 'thy mother'

21:12 'he money-changers' should be 'the money-changers'

21:16 'thou has' should be 'thou hast'

21:42 'marvelous' should be 'marvellous'

23:2 'Moses seat' should be 'Moses' seat'

24:17 'things' should be 'the things'

24:40 'two man' should be 'two men'

26:5 'people' should be 'the people'

26:30 'unto' should be 'into'

26:47 'chief priest' should be 'chief priests'

26:54 there should be a comma before 'that thus'

26:64 'Jesus said' should be 'Jesus saith'

27:8 'called, the field of blood,' should be recapitalized to 'called, The field of blood,' or perhaps remove the commas as the NASB and render 'called the Field of blood'

27:33 'they were' should be 'when they were'

27:47 'stood' should be 'that stood'


1:2 the verse should end with a semicolon, not a period

1:5 Ebible needlessly capitalizes 'and' in 'and they were baptized

1:8 Ebible needlessly capitalizes 'but' in 'but he will baptize'

1:11 Ebible needlessly capitalizes 'and' in 'and a voice came out'

1:13 Ebible needlessly capitalizes both instances of 'and' in 'and he was with the wild beasts; and the angels ministered to him.'

1:16 'be turn' should be 'he turn'

1:22 Ebible needlessly capitalizes 'for' in 'for he taught them'

3:15 'out his house' should be 'out of his house'

3:26 'rise up' should be 'risen up'

5:35 Ebible removes the comma in 'synagogue's [house], saying'

7:4 'market-place' should be 'marketplace'

10:1 Ebible removes the comma in 'arose from thence, and cometh'

11:31 'He will say' should be 'he will say'

14:31 'exceedingly' should be 'exceeding' (KJV 'the more')

14:70 'of a truth' should be 'Of a truth'


1:59 'the father' should be 'his father'

1:72 'towards, our fathers' should be 'towards our fathers'

1:73 'spake' should be 'sware'

3:11 'altar' should be 'the altar'

3:29 'son of Jorim' should be '[son] of Jorim'

3:35 verse should end with a comma

4:3 'if thou art" should be 'If thou art'

8:37 Ebible converts the semicolon to a comma in 'depart from them; for they were taken with great fear: and he entered'. Note, NASB71 and RSV retain the semicolon but convert the colon to a semicolon.

12:38 'blessed' should be preceded by a comma

13:35 'blessed is he' should be 'blessed [is] he'

14:11 'everyone' should be 'every one'

15:19 'your son' should be 'thy son'

16:21 'come' should be 'came'

16:25 'he is comforted' should be 'he is comforted,'

17:11 'on their way' should be 'on the way'

22:11 'guestchamber' should be 'guest-chamber'


1:38 'abideth' should be 'abidest'

3:5 verse should end with a period, not an exclamation mark

3:22, 4:3 'Judea' should be 'Judaea'

3:23 'Enon' should be 'Aenon'

6:27 'even' should be '[even]'

6:35 'them. I am the bread' should be 'them, I am the bread of life'

6:54 'eternal life:' should be 'eternal life;'

7:46 'never a man' should be 'never man'

8:37 'seed:' should be 'seed;'

9:16 'division' should be 'a division'

10:16'voice:' should be 'voice;'

10:39 'be abode' should be 'he abode'

11:28 'is her' should be 'is here'

11:51 'but, being high priest' should be 'but being high priest'

13:1 'his Father' should be 'the Father'

13:3 'the things' should be 'things'

13:18 'fulfilled:' should be 'fulfliled,'

13:36 'follow' should be 'follow me'

17:1 'son may glorify' should be 'Son may glorify'

17:16 'world' should be 'world,'

18:30 'evildoer' should be 'evil-doer'

18:40 Ebible introduced a closing parenthesis ')' at the end of 'Now Barabbas was a robber', but not an opening parenthesis. There is no parenthesis in either ERV or ASV.

19:17 'Hebrew,' should be 'Hebrew'

20:9 'rise' should be 'rise again'

20:25 'put my hand' should be 'put my finger into the print of the nails, and put my hand'

21:2 'was together' should be 'were together'


1:7, 14:17 'His own' should be 'his own'

1:11 'heaven' should be 'heaven,'

1:12 'Sabbath' should be 'sabbath'

1:16, 8:32, 8:35, 17:2, 17:11 Ebible converts 'scripture' to 'Scripture', yet leaves it in lower case in 18:24, 18:28 and all other books

2:15 'day.' should be 'day;'

3:21 'His' should be 'his'

3:22 'to me. To him' should be 'to me; to him'

4:30 'thy stretchest' should be 'thou stretchest'

5:4 'thou has' should be 'thou hast'

5:14 'them and women' should be 'men and women'

5:16 'multitudes' should be 'multitude'

5:16 'bring' should be 'bringing'

5:33 'minded' should be 'were minded'

7:20 'house.' should be 'house;'

7:30, 7:38 Ebible converts 'mount Sinai' to 'Mount Sinai', but leaves 'mount Sinai' alone in Gal 4:24 and 4:25.

7:36, 7:38 Ebible converts 'Red sea' to 'Red Sea', but leaves 'Red sea' alone in Heb 11:29.

7:56 Ebible converts 'Son of man' to 'Son of Man' here, but nowhere else

8:4 'abroad,' should be 'abroad'

10:37 'He is Lord of all.' should be 'he is Lord of all'

11:26 'people,' should be 'people;'

11:29 'Judea' should be 'Judaea'

13:22 'My' should be 'my' (twice)

13:35 'Thy' should be 'thy'

13:52 'with joy with the Holy Spirit' should be 'with joy with the Holy Spirit'

13:6 'Bar-jesus' should be 'Bar-Jesus'

14:9 'eyes' should be 'his eyes'

15:40 'choose' should be 'chose'

16:35, 16:38 Ebible updates spelling of 'serjeants' to 'sergeants'

16:40 '[the hosue] of' should be '[the house of]

17:11 'the mind' should be 'mind'

17:17, 20:3 'Jews' should be 'the Jews'

17:22 'things,' should be 'things'

18:15 'there' should be 'they'

19:12 'aprons' should be 'aprons, and the diseases departed from them'

19:28, 19:34 'is' should be '[is]'

19:28 'Ephesus' should be 'Ephesians'

19:33, 24:10, 25:8, 25:16, 26:2, 26:24 Ebible updates spelling of 'defence' to 'defense', but leaves Acts 22:1, 26:1 and passages elsewhere alone

20:13 'we going before to the ship' should be 'we, going before to the ship,'

21:1 'were' should be 'we were'

22:24 'be' should be 'to be'

23:9 'Pharisees' should be 'Pharisees''

23:20 'the providence' should be 'thy providence'

24:11 'Seeing' should be 'seeing'

25:13, 25:14 'King' should be 'king'

25:23 'principal' should be 'the principal'

26:20 'first' should be 'first,'

27:12 'northeast' should be 'north-east'

27:18 'the [the freight]' should be '[the freight]'

2:27 'Lest,' should be 'Lest'


1:7 'To all' should be 'to all'

2:1 'thou judges' should be 'thou judgest'

3:5 'our righteousness' should be 'our unrighteousness'

3:12 'not, so much' should be 'not so much'

4:8 'whom', should be 'whom'

6:4 'unto death' should be 'into death'

10:7 'That is' should be 'that is'

11:12 'fall,' should be 'fall'

12:2 'and ye' should be 'that ye'

12:12 'to think' should be 'so to think'

13:6 'For this cause' should follow ERV/ASV 'For for this cause' (Noah Webster NT: 'For, for this cause', NASB/YLT: 'For because of this', Darby: 'For on this accunt')

15:17 'glorifying' should be 'glorying'

15:25 'I [say]' should be '[I say]'

16:5 'first-fruits' should be 'firstfruits' (yet Rom 8:23 retains the dash)

1 Cor

1:10 'thing' should be 'thing,'

1:12 'Apollos:' should be 'Apollos;'

3:20 'wise' should be 'wise,'

6:14 'up as' should be 'up us'

7:37 'in his own heart' should be 'his own will, and hath determined this in his own heart'

9:15, 15:31 'glorifying' should be 'glorying'

10:17 'are all' should be 'all'

10:28 'conscience' should be 'conscience''

10:32 'occasions' should be 'occasion'

12:2 'led' should be 'be led'

15:15 'we are' should be 'and we are'

16:12 'all' should be 'at all'

2 Cor

1:12 'glorifying' should be 'glorying'

2:4 'love that' should be 'love which'

6:6 'long suffering' should be 'longsuffering'

7:12 'I [wrote]' should be '[I wrote]'

7:13 'And' should be 'and'

8:6 'made' should be 'had made'

8:22 'and' should be 'And'

8:23 'you-ward,' should be 'you-ward;'

10:4 'strongholds),' should be 'strongholds);'

13:1 'established' should be 'be established'


1:7 '[gospel]' should be '[gospel]:'

1:21 'unto' should be 'into'

2:20 'living' should be 'liveth'

3:2 'you.' should be 'you,'

3:25 'faith that' should be 'that faith'

5:4 'would' should be 'who would'

6:17 'Henceforth', should be 'henceforth'


2:3 'lust' should be 'lusts'

2:15 'the flesh' should be 'his flesh'

3:5 'generation' should be 'generations'

4:15 'we may' should be 'may'

5:23 'and Christ' should be 'as Christ'


1:27 'and be absent' should be 'or be absent'

2:14 'questionings:' should be 'questionings;'

3:13 'could' should be 'count'

4:18 'and odor' should be 'an odor'


2:14 'that way' should be 'of the way'

2:19 'increasing' should be 'increaseth'

4:8 'sent you' should be 'sent unto you'

1 Th

5:7 'night:' should be 'night;'

5:9 'into' should be 'unto'

2 Th

1:3 'growth' should be 'groweth'

1:3 'to you' should be 'for you'

1:6 'righteous' should be 'a righteous'

1 Tim

1:17 'forever' should be 'for ever'

5:16 'mat' should be 'may'

2 Tim

2:6 'husbandmen' should be 'husbandman'

2:17 'an' should be 'and'

2:22 'after' should be 'But flee youthful lusts, and follow after'

3:5 'therefore. From' should be 'thereof: from'

3:8 'truth. Men' should be 'truth; men'

3:9 'further. For' should be 'further: for'

3:11 'sufferings. What' should be 'sufferings; what'

3:11 'endured. And' should be 'endured: and'

3:14, 3:15 'them. (15) And' should be 'them; (15) and'

3:16, 3:17 'righteousness. (17) That' should be 'righteousness: (17) that'

4:18 'forever' should be 'for ever'


1:8 'as lover' should be 'a lover'

1:9 'able' should be 'able both'

3:9 'law' should be 'the law'


1:7 'a fire' should be 'of fire'

8:13 '[covenant]' should be '[covenant],'

9:1 'a first' should be 'the first'

10:28 'Moses' should be 'Moses''

10:34 'you' sholud be 'your'

11:18 'even he' should be '[even he]'

12:16 'fornication' should be 'fornicator'

13:3 'illtreated' should be 'ill-treated'


1:3 'Knowing' should be 'knowing'

1:11 'grass:' should be 'grass:'

2:4 'Do' should be 'do'

1 Pet

1:12 'angel' should be 'angels'

1:19 'without spot' should be 'without blemish and without spot'

1:20 'times' should be 'the times'

2:9 'a elect' should be 'an elect'

2:11 'lust' should be 'lusts'

2:23 'suffered' should be 'suffered,'

3:1 'won' should be 'own'

3:22 'one' should be 'on'

4:2 'flesh' should be 'the flesh'

4:4 'think' should be 'think it'

4:11 'is any' should be 'if any'

5:1 'elders' should be 'elders therefore'

5:8 'devour,' should be 'devour:'

2 Pet

1:4 'that would' should be 'the world'

3:2 'commandments' should be 'commandment'

1 John

2:16 'vain glory' should be 'vainglory'

2:20 'the things' should be 'things'

2:27 'teacheth you;' should be 'teacheth you'

3:18 '[My] Little' should be '[My] little'

3 John

1:12 'witness:' should be 'witness;'


1:12 'autumn leaves' should be 'autumn trees'

1:13 'forever' should be 'for ever'

1:18 'That' should be 'that'


1:9 'tribulation' should be 'the tribulation'

2:9 'they art' should be 'they are'

2:12 'and' should be 'And'

4:5 '[there was]' should be '[there were]'

4:6 'like a' should be 'like unto'

4:8 'and the four' should be 'And the four'

5:9 'thou was' should be 'thou wast'

5:10 'earth' should be 'the earth'

5:12 'might' should be 'might,'

5:13 'are' should be 'that are'

7:1 'After his' should be 'After this'

7:5 'Judah [were] sealed twelve thousand:' should be 'Judah [were] sealed twelve thousand;'

7:13 'white' should be 'the white'

7:14 'come' should be 'come out'

9:8 '[teeth]' should be '[the teeth]'

9:14 'one trumpet' should be 'the trumpet'

9:17 'and the heads of lions' should be 'and the heads of the horses are as the heads of lions'

10:7 'they mystery' should be 'the mystery'

12:2 'the child' should be 'with child'

13:1 'horns,' should be 'horns'

13:11 'lamb' should be 'a lamb'

13:12 'dwell' should be 'that dwell'

13:15 '[even] to the image to the breast' should be '[even] to the image of the beast'

14:13 'the voice' should be 'a voice'

14:14 'sharp' should be 'a sharp'

14:17 'Another' should be "And another'

14:20 'are trodden' should be 'was trodden'

16:6 'the saints and the prophets' should be 'saints and prophets'

16:9 'scorched men' should be 'scorched'

16:12 'by' should be 'be'

16:15 'walked' should be 'walk'

16:16 'Har-magedon' should be 'Har-Magedon'

18:17 'one hour' should be 'an hour'

18:17 'wither' should be 'whither'

19:10 'God; for' should be 'God: for' (NASB/RSV renders 'God. For')

19:11 'righhteous' should be 'righteousness'

19:16 'KINGS OF KINGS' should be 'KING OF KINGS'

21:2 'of God' should be 'from God'

22:6 'angels' should be 'angel'

22:14 'my enter' should be 'may enter'

22:18 'if' should be 'If'

The Ebible text also restored to the main text, within square brackets, the ASVm readings in the following places: Mat 17:21, Mat 18:11, Mat 23:14, Mark 7:16, Mark 9:44, Mark 9:46, Mark 11:26, Mark 15:28, Luke 17:36, Luke 23:17, John 5:3b-4, Acts 8:37, Acts 15:34, Acts 24:7-8a, Acts 28:29, Rom 16:24

In the case of Mat 23:14, the web revisers inserted verse 14 after the square brackets, not within them. Additionally, the brackets surrounding the Pericope Adulterae (John 7:53-8-11) have been removed altogether. None of the actual text of these passages appears in the main text of the ASV.

III. Minor punctuation and capitalization differences

In nearly all of these cases, Ebible deviations from ASV were echoed in translations such as NASB or RSV/ESV/NRSV.


3:16 omits comma in 'Jesus, when he was baptized'

5:26 converts ', Thou' to ', thou'

5:34 converts ', Swear' to ', swear'

5:39 converts ', Resist' to ', resist'

5:44 converts ', Love' to ', love'

6:24 converts colon to semicolon in 'masters:'

6:25 converts ', Be' to ', be'

9:13 converts colon to comma in 'sacrifice:'

10:41 converts colon to semicolon in 'reward:'

16:28 converts ', There' to ', there'

18:10 converts colon to semicolon in 'ones:'

18:18 converts ', What' to ', what'


15:29 converts 'thou' to 'Thou'


2:25 removes comma from 'Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon'

8:37 converts colon to semicolon in 'fear:'

10:12 converts ', It' to ', it'

18:37 removes comma from 'him,'

18:42 converts colon to semicolon in 'sight:'

22:39 converts colon to semicolon in 'Olives:'

23:14 removes comma from 'I, having examined'

23:18 reads 'Barabbas: --' for 'Barabbas:--'


7:16 removes comma from 'answered them, and said'

9:19, 9:26 converts 'how' to uppwer case

10:34 converts ', Ye' to ', ye'

13:16 converts ', A' to ', a'

13:20, 14:12 converts ', He' to ', he'

15:15 adds comma after 'Father'

16:23 converts ', If' to ', if'

18:21 converts 'ask' to 'Ask'

19:10 converts 'knowest' to 'Knowest'

19:21 removes comma from 'but, that he said'

19:26 removes comma from 'behold, thy son'

21:22 converts 'follow' to 'Follow'


2:20 ends verse with a period, not a colon

5:14 converts colon to semicolon in 'women:'

7:20 converts colon to semicolon in 'house:'

8:38 converts semicolon to comma in 'eunuch;'

9:34 removes comma from 'arise, and make'

9:40 removes comma from 'kneeled down, and prayed'

10:34 removes comma from 'mouth, and said'

14:9 converts colon to comma in 'speaking:'

15:39 converts colon to semicolon in 'Cyprus:'

16:14 removes comma from 'purple, of the city'

16:26 replaces semicolon with comma in 'opened;'

16:37 converts 'nay' to 'Nay'

17:4 converts semicolon to comma in 'Silas;'

18:3 converts semicolon to comma in 'wrought;'

19:15 converts semicolon to comma in 'know;'

20:6 converts semicolon to comma in 'days;'

21:22 converts 'they' to 'Thou'

28:2 converts colon to semicolon in 'kindness:'

28:7 converts semciolon to comma in 'Publius,'


1:6 omits comma in 'also,'

4:11 converts colon to semicolon in 'was in circumcision:'

7:13 reads '; --' for ';--'

11:7 converts 'That' to 'that'

1 Cor

7:16 converts 'or' to 'Or'

7:18 converts 'let' to 'Let' (twice)

7:21 converts 'care' to 'Care'

7:27 converts 'seek' to 'Seek' (twice)

9:1 converts 'am I not an apostle? have I not seen Jesus our Lord? are' to 'Am I not an apostle? Have I not seen Jesus our Lord? Are'

9:7 converts 'or who feedeth a flock' to 'Or who feedeth a flock', but curiously leaves 'who planeth a vinehard' alone

10:25 converts semicolon to comma in 'sake,'

12:10 converts colon to semicolon in 'spirits:'

2 Cor

1:10 converts 'same thing,' to 'same thing'

11:15 converts semicolon to comma in 'righteousness;'

11:16 converts ', Let' to ', let'


1:9 converts ', If' to ', if'

2:6 reads '-- ' for '--'

5:15 converts ', Walk' to ', walk'


1:13 reads ',-- ' for ',--'


1:22 reads ', --' for ',--'

1 Th

4:1 reads ', --' for ',--'


7:2 reads 'is King' for 'is, King'

13:22 reads 'exhoration,' for 'exhoration:'


3:7, 3:8 reads 'mankind. But' for 'mankind: but'

3:12 reads 'neither' for 'Neither'

5:13 reads 'let' for 'Let' (twice)

5:14 reads 'let him call' for 'Let him call'

1 Pet

3:14 reads '[are ye:] for '[are ye]:'

5:12 reads 'God. Stand' for 'God: stand'

2 Pet

3:5 'wilfully' reads 'willfully' (yet Heb 10:26 reads 'wilfully')


1:11 'for' reads 'For'


13:4 'And who' for 'and who'