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The commentaries linked to on this page differ widely in their quality and usefulness for different purposes. Some are of a devotional nature, and are designed to help preachers and intelligent laymen. These usually offer little help on technical questions, but they often prove most helpful in guiding readers in larger questions of interpretation. Others are written from a highly critical perspective, and these are usually of no help in important theological matters, but I include them because they are often most helpful in the difficult and detailed questions about word usage and in their discussions of the cultural background. Then, there are many commentaries by learned conservatives who provide good technical help while remaining true to the Christian faith. Many of the commentaries linked to here are more than a hundred years old, and so it should not be taken for granted that the interpretations they present are in line with twentieth-century scholarship. I hope that the reader will find what is useful in all these books while exercising spiritual discernment. — M.D.M.

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