Junicode Font

The Junicode font is a unicode font developed for the accurate presentation of medieval texts. I have used it on some pages containing Anglo-Saxon texts on this website, and these will not display properly on computers that lack the font.

To download the font, right-click here, select "save target as," and save the file to the Windows directory of your hard drive.

To install the font on a Windows XP system, from the START button go to SETTINGS and select CONTROL PANEL. Double-click on FONTS to open the font directory window. From the drop-down FILE menu of that window choose INSTALL NEW FONT. In the window that opens, use the tree diagram to navigate to the directory where you saved the TTF file, then highlight the file name and click OK. The font will then be installed.

To install the font on a Windows 7 system, after saving the Junicode-Regular.ttf file to your hard drive, right-click on the file, and on the menu choose "Install."