Unicode Punctuation Characters

decimal codecharacterHTML codedescription
‑non-breaking hyphen
––en dash
——em dash
‘‘left single quotation mark
’’right single quotation mark
““left double quotation mark
””right double quotation mark
‡‡double dagger
……horizontal ellipsis
‹‹single left angle quotation mark
››single right angle quotation mark
⁄⁄fraction slash
☺smiling face
♪eighth note
♫beamed eighth notes

Latin-1 supplement character set

decimal codecharacterHTML codedescription
   Non-breaking space
­­­Soft hyphen
‚‚Baseline single quotation
„„Baseline double quotation
‘‘Opening single quotation
’’Closing single quotation
““Opening double quotation
””Closing double quotation
«««Left angle quote
»»»Right angle quote
¨¨¨Umlaut - dieresis
¯¯¯Macron accent
´´´Acute accent
¡¡¡Inverted exclamation
¿¿¿Inverted question mark
ÀÀÀCapital A, grave
àààSmall a, grave
ÁÁÁCapital A, acute
áááSmall a, acute
ÂÂÂCapital A, circumflex
âââSmall a, circumflex
ÃÃÃCapital A, tilde
ãããSmall a, tilde
ÄÄÄCapital A, dieresis
äääSmall a, dieresis
ÅÅÅCapital A, ring
åååSmall a, ring
ĀĀCapital A, macron
āāSmall a, macron
ÆÆÆCapital AE ligature
æææSmall ae ligature
ÇÇÇCapital C, cedilla
çççSmall c, cedilla
ÈÈÈCapital E, grave
èèèSmall e, grave
ÉÉÉCapital E, acute
éééSmall e, acute
ÊÊÊCapital E, circumflex
êêêSmall e, circumflex
ËËËCapital E, dieresis
ëëëSmall e, dieresis
ĒĒCapital E, macron
ēēSmall e, macron
ÌÌÌCapital I, grave
ìììSmall i, grave
ÍÍÍCapital I, acute
íííSmall i, acute
ÎÎÎCapital I, circumflex
îîîSmall i, circumflex
ÏÏÏCapital I, dieresis
ïïïSmall i, dieresis
ĪĪCapital I, macron
īīSmall i, macron
ÑÑÑCapital N, tilde
ñññSmall n, tilde
ÒÒÒCapital O, grave
òòòSmall o, grave
ÓÓÓCapital O, acute
óóóSmall o, acute
ÔÔÔCapital O, circumflex
ôôôSmall o, circumflex
ÕÕÕCapital O, tilde
õõõSmall o, tilde
ÖÖÖCapital O, dieresis
öööSmall o, dieresis
ØØØCapital O, slash
øøøSmall o, slash
ŌŌCapital O, macron
ōōSmall o, macron
ŒŒŒCapital OE ligature
œœœSmall oe ligature
ŠŠŠCapital S, inverted circumflex
šššSmall s, inverted circumflex
ÙÙÙCapital U, grave
ùùùSmall u, grave
ÚÚÚCapital U, acute
úúúSmall u, acute
ÛÛÛCapital U, circumflex
ûûûSmall u, circumflex
ÜÜÜCapital U, dieresis
üüüSmall u, dieresis
ŪŪCapital U, macron
ūūSmall u, macron
ÝÝÝCapital Y, acute
ýýýSmall y, acute
ŸŸŸCapital Y, dieresis
ÿÿÿSmall y, dieresis
ßßßSmall sharp s, German, sz ligature
ÐÐÐCapital Eth, Icelandic
ðððSmall eth, Icelandic
ÞÞÞCapital THORN, Icelandic
þþþSmall thorn, Icelandic
ȜȜ Capital Yogh, Middle English
ȝȝ Small yogh, Middle English
ǷǷ Capital Wynn, Middle English
ƿƿ Small wynn, Middle English
¼¼¼Vulgar fraction one quater
½½½Vulgar fraction one half
¾¾¾Vulgar fraction three quarters

Anglo-Saxon abbreviations

(The Junicode font is needed for display of these characters)

decimal codecharacterHTML codedescription
ꝥ Thorn with stroke
⁊ Tironian sign et